OGT enforces its Global Network by signing Protocols with Multidiscipline Industries in field of Oil & Gas at the Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum Bahrain 2018 at Intercontinental Regency Hotel, Manama

OGT being the UAE national Company and its vast interest for the in country value contributions; with an overview of competitive influence to the Oil & Gas Industries have active infrastructures in GCC and MENA. OGT presence targeted in IMFORMED Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum Bahrain 2018 for a deeper understanding on latest technologies in the Drilling Industry, deeper understanding on the Composition & Key Properties of various mud Chemicals and Minerals and its Geology & Occurrence, Processing, Truck Mills Concept, Grades & Applications, Sources & Production, Market Drivers & Trends, Oil Field Cementing, Proppant utilization etc.

The world of industrial minerals is the most diverse of the mining industry sectors in terms of resources, process engineering needs, Market Drivers & Trends, Oil Field Cementing, Proppant utilization etc. and market applications and demography. It requires well connected knowledgeable expertise, a dedicated approach to information services provision, and appropriate added value for networking events that meet professional expectations. Over the last 8 years OGT have developed and honed our expertise in acquiring these capabilities and are now pursuing our vision for an independent dedicated information and event services provider for the industrial minerals business.”

IMFORMED launches new platform for industrial minerals networking and research, announcing high profile Forums on mineral logistics, Oilfield, Market Drivers & Trends, Oil Field Cementing, Truck Mills concepts and Proppant utilization etc. where OGT gain opportunities to sign protocols with internationally recognized strategic alliances for the field of Oil & Gas at the event. These protocols aimed at knowledge sharing, human capital development, enhancement of technical capabilities including mobile mills and other aimed at sourcing and supplying different commodities to the global market.

There are comparatively few large commercially industrialized sources worldwide – Pakistan, China, India, Turkey and Morocco dominate supply of drilling grades. Drilling grade consumers are seeking new and alternative sources due to the higher usage and present market rates of the crude oil. Oilfield countries are the main market consumers, with higher purity industrial grades destined for developed manufacturing centers.

The audience invited for the show includes senior business officials from the public & private sectors from Middle East, MENA and also from Europe and USA as well as from government entities of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.

Organizers stated, “Through the Forum, affirmation on covering the latest trends and developments in supply and consumption of oilfield minerals in the Middle East and Central Asia markets, the conference is located close to the mineral processing hub of Dammam, in neighboring Saudi Arabia. The Forum has provided an invaluable and unrivalled networking and knowledge acquisition base for oilfield professionals. The conference pored the essential know how to all those active or with an interest in the Middle East oilfield mineral supply chain, from developing and mining sources, through logistics and processing, to end use application in the oilfield.



About OGT

“Where Dynamic Industrial Collaboration brings best value for money”.

OGT is an important part of the Minerals portfolio adopts a unique concept, with a strong focus on sustainability to meet the future needs of the national economy, by incubating knowledge in developing human capital concentrating on Oil & Gas Field Supply and Services. For safeguarding specialty chemicals and minerals are indispensable for this industry, OGT works around the clock regionally and globally identifying greatest value for money opportunities that suit the local requirement in GCC. We emphasize on sustainable development, which is an initiative by the Special Interest Group (SIG); OGT had made a bench mark in the Drilling Mud Chemical division with noticeable track records. We have our Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi and our International Relations Head Quarters is in Dubai. Our corporate offices are in India, Pakistan, China, Morocco, and Turkey. Oil & Gas to name a few. In addition, OGT offers dynamic solutions out of the box for vital industries in the global market with collaboration with its international strategic partners.


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