OGT awarded as best qualified technical partner for the field of mud chemicals with GCC National Oil Companies

International partners address key topics in Truck Mills Concept for Mud Chemicals at the Inauguration event at Lootah Technical Center – LTC.

12 January 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: International experts in the field of Mobile Mills Concept for Mud Chemicals addressed the impact of economic changes and explore new business opportunities during the event hosted by Outstanding General Trading (OGT) to bring out the maximum participation of the candidates from UAE natives. Most of the participants were from the final university academics and fresh graduates. The one-day workshop held on January 12 2019 at the LTC premises in Dubai brought the group of 48 participants from all the Emirates and 27 candidates showed their interest in the training program of Mobile Mills started from January 15th 2019.

At the end of the event OGT management received of appreciation in the form of best qualified technical partner in field of mud-chemicals by UAE National Oil Companies.

The introductory French speakers introduced the concept in the presence of senior officials of the OGT and the Group; have been detailed on the innovative concept which took 2 years to finalize on the complete project design.

Mobile Milling is a modular and mobile drying-grinding installation which is known as the future of Barite and Bentonite dispensation. Drying-Grinding installation based on Pendulum Roller Mill installation where every part of the installation will be on containers (Mill, Classifier, Filters, all containers are pre-wired, pre-cabled, pre-connected to be adapted with other containers). It can also make custom containers for specific request on demand and would not be required to have a building or structure. Only civil works required to assemble containers, with no packaging or wrapping. These containers can also be packaged which will reduce assembling time. Time frame to assemble Mobile Mills will be within 5 to 10 working days on depending site conditions and plant. This concept will not need anything else than onsite. Put pre-wired containers together, plug them, and grinding can be begun.

Training Objectives

  • Review case studies of design optimizations and best practices in Mobile Mills concept.
  • Review case studies and technological advancements in mud chemicals, drilling fluids and implementation under extreme corrosive environment.
  • Review the latest innovation in handling mud chemicals, drilling fluids and cementing technology in maximizing the productivity and maintaining the integrity throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  • Identify improvement opportunities from the existing practices and technologies while complying with the local environmental requirements.

The audience invited for the workshop includes senior and fresh business executives from the public & private sectors, as well as representatives from Oil and Gas Government entities of UAE, Officials commented, “Through the training, we aim to explore practical policies as well as business solutions to meet global challenges aligned with the regional developments and strategy. The Training Program also aims to assess National Youth exposure to diversified technologies and eliminate related risks by serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and opinion sharing between Oil and Gas Industries, Government, Business and Investors. Being a National Company OGT believe in developing the young citizens of the Country to give more importance to education, professional opportunities and technical competencies”



About OGT

“Where Dynamic Industrial Collaboration brings best value for money”.

OGT is an important part of the Minerals portfolio adopts a unique concept, with a strong focus on sustainability to meet the future needs of the national economy, by incubating knowledge in developing human capital concentrating on Oil & Gas Field Supply and Services. For safeguarding specialty chemicals and minerals are indispensable for this industry, OGT works around the clock regionally and globally identifying greatest value for money opportunities that suit the local requirement in GCC. We emphasize on sustainable development, which is an initiative by the Special Interest Group (SIG); OGT had made a bench mark in the Drilling Mud Chemical division with noticeable track records. We have our Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi and our International Relations Head Quarters is in Dubai. Our corporate offices are in India, Pakistan, China, Morocco, and Turkey. Oil & Gas to name a few. In addition, OGT offers dynamic solutions out of the box for vital industries in the global market with collaboration with its international strategic partners.


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