OGT Bunkering Business expansion to India & Pakistan facilities from GCC Regions

OGT is expanding in the Marine Bunker Business; it now has eight barges in the GCC supplying in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar as well as by truck in all other ports.

OGT has oil terminals used for cargoes, blending and bunkers. It also has barged and truck supply in Asia with storage in barges. Pakistan & India came on stream in 2017 and it has barging contracts allowing the company to supply fuel and gasoil. Rotterdam started as a supply location within OGT in November 2009 and further expanded into GCC in February 2011. OGT now has eight barges operating in all these locations and will look for further expansion as time progresses.

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OGT expansion plans to increase its share in the ship-fuelling market by leveraging the ports it has on Pakistan & India. The idea is to use its bunkers to fuel the ships passing through the contracted ports of the countries. Bunkering is the supply of fuel for use by ships in a seaport. The term originated in the days of steamships, when the fuel, coal, was stored in bunkers. Bunkering operations are located at seaports, and they include the storage of “bunker” (ship) fuels and the provision of the fuel to vessels. Bunkering includes the shipboard logistics of loading fuel and distributing it among available “bunkers” (on-board fuel tanks)

The global bunkering market is estimated at around 35MT, with vessels coming to Pakistan and India requiring around 10MT of ship fuel. It is to be added that the OGT’s ambitious inland waterways program will help drive demand for fuel.

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