OGT participates in Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum Dubai 2017 at Habtoor Grand Dubai, 15-17 January 2017

OGT being the national Company and its vast interest for the nation; with an overview of competitive contribution to the Oil & Gas Industries have set-up infra structures in GCC and MENA. OGT presence targeted in IMFORMED Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum Dubai 2017 for a deeper understanding on Composition & Key Properties of various mud chemicals and minerals and its Geology & Occurrence, Processing, Grades & Applications, Sources & Production, Price Indication and Market Drivers & Trends etc.

Barites known as “heavy spar”, barytes (also sp. barite) is vital as the weighting agent of choice in oil and gas drilling, its main market. Higher purity grades are also used in chemicals, glass, ceramics, and as filler in plastics, coatings, and rubber. There are relatively few large commercially developed sources worldwide – Pakistan, China, India, Turkey and Morocco dominate supply of drilling grades. Drilling grade consumers are seeking new and alternative sources. Oilfield countries are the main market consumers, with higher purity industrial grades destined for developed manufacturing centers.

Bentonite physical properties permit its use in a range of markets of which the primary ones are foundry, cat litter, iron ore pelletizing, drilling mud and civil engineering, which together account for approximately 80% of sales by volume. Bentonite is produced globally, but just 10 countries account for 85% of world production, with India, USA and China contributing for approximately 80% of the total. Leading global exporters include India, US and Greece, while leading importers include Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Japan.

The audience invited for the show includes senior business officials from the public & private sectors, as well as from government entities. Organizers stated, “Through the Forum, the target promotion of drilling technology products with a networking and knowledge for the industrial minerals business in the nation and business solutions to meet end users and aligned with the regional developments and strategy. The Forum also aims to promote the products by serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and opinion sharing between government, grinding units, mining, business and trading.”

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“The world of industrial minerals is the most diverse of the mining industry sectors in terms of resources, process engineering needs, and market applications and demography. It requires well connected knowledgeable expertise, a dedicated approach to information services provision, and appropriate added value for networking events that meet professional expectations. Over the last 7 years OGT have developed and honed our expertise in acquiring these capabilities and are now pursuing our vision for an independent dedicated information and event services provider for the industrial minerals business.”

IMFORMED launches new platform for industrial minerals networking and research, announcing high profile Forums on mineral logistics, oilfield, and foundry markets where OGT confirm participation in different regions and countries for better market coverage.

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