OGT hosts Technical Workshop in field of Mud Chemicals and Drilling Fluids

International partners address key topics in Mud chemicals and drilling fluids;

12 March 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates: International experts in the field of mud chemicals and drilling fluids will address the impact of economic changes and explore new business opportunities during the ‘Mud Chemicals and Drilling Fluids Technical Workshop’ hosted by Outstanding General Trading (OGT). The two-day workshop held on on March 12-13 at the OGT premises in Dubai.

Speakers included the points as follows; Mud chemicals, Drilling Fluids and Cementing are an integral component in well construction and drilling. Well construction is becoming more complex as wells are being drilled in deeper water as well as in areas with stringent environmental requirements. Drilling fluids and cementing design needs to consider all facets of a well construction, including overcoming various wellbore stability issues, maintaining well integrity over well life cycle, minimizing formation damage to maximize productivity and reducing overall environmental impact. An optimum drilling fluid and cementing design will assist a well engineer in delivering the well safely within the technical limits and budget. This workshop focused on design improvements, best practices, lessons learnt and technological advancements in the sphere of mud chemicals, drilling fluids and cementing to maximize the drilling performance in the current challenging environment. In addition to that, the workshop also reviewed and identified the current and future drilling waste management technology in creating values while complying with the local environmental regulations. The industry perception that having only a ‘good’ mud will deliver a trouble-free well. This work shop discussed on well challenges that could potentially due to the performance of the mud chemicals, drilling fluids, relevant diagnostics to identify the root cause of the problems and design improvements and solutions to maximize the drilling performance.

Workshop Objectives

  • Review case studies of design optimizations and best practices in mud chemicals, drilling fluids and cementing in delivering value-added well safely
  • Review case studies and technological advancements in mud chemicals, drilling fluids and cementing design for complex wells such as in ERD, Deep-water, HPHT and wells under extreme corrosive environment.
  • Review the latest innovation in mud chemicals, drilling fluids and cementing technology in maximizing the well productivity and maintaining the well integrity throughout the entire well lifecycle
  • Identify improvement opportunities from the existing waste management practices and technologies while complying with the local environmental requirements.

The audience invited for the workshop includes senior business executives from the public & private sectors, as well as representatives from government entities, Officials commented, “Through the workshop, we aim to explore practical policies as well as business solutions to meet global challenges aligned with the regional developments and strategy. The technical workshop also aims to assess exposure to related risks by serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and opinion sharing between government, business and investors.”

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